Our Programs

Our programs

Seasons of Hope Center’s restoration program is dedicated to restoring the well-being of the whole woman.  Our program consists of 2 restoration phases during which we strive to teach coping mechanisms for the daily stresses of life and work.   Additionally we provide continuing education, equine therapy and gardening to instill a positive work ethic, responsibility, assertiveness, communication, and healthy relationships to our participants.


Phase 1 : 0-12 months


During phase 1, participants live in common living arrangement which allow the participants to learn to work in unity with others and develop team building relationships.  The key components of  phase 1 of our program are daily morning devotions, Bible Study, Equine therapy, computer classes, life coaching and creative arts.  Each participant also shares in daily maintenance chores in the common residence as well as management of the animals and grounds of our 34 acre property and facilities.

Phase 2: 12-36 months


During phase 2,  participants begin the re-entry process into independent daily living. This begins by seeking employment, managing their personal finances, strengthening their support system, and establishing plans for moving off property.  Phase II allows the participant to live on property for an additional 1 – 2 years in an affordable, safe, environment and work toward full time employment, obtaining a current driver’s license and dependable transportation.


Season of Hope Center’s education programs are dedicated to improving the life skills of the women at our facilities.  They include but are not limited to Dealing with Loss, Boundaries, Life Challenge curriculum, computer skills, GED training, money management and budgeting skills, nutrition and creative arts.   

Equine Therapy

Season’s of Hope Center’s horses provide an excellent way for our participants to react in a non-intrusive way building trust in a safe environment.  Equine care instills a positive work ethic, responsibility, assertiveness, communication, and healthy relationships. It has long been recognized that horses naturally provide these benefits.


Season of Hope Center’s gardening experience teaches valuable life skills and self sustainability in seeding, planting, equipment maintenance and managing the gardens. Biblical truths are applied in the setting to teach that decisions have consequences and brings a harvest, just as sowing positive seeds will produce positive results in life.

“ I thank God every day for choosing me to be at Seasons of Hope Center. He has placed me in a place where people genuinely care about me and everyone else who drives onto this property. I have endured so many hard moments, days, weeks, and months in my life. I’ve been broken, hurt, betrayed and even rejected in many ways by more than one person and have done the same to many. When I look back on these moments now, I can see God has led me through each day and trial. I have had and continue to have some of what I would say are some of Gods most amazing ladies by my side through this. They’ve told me where I have done wrong and spoke life to me when I didn’t feel as if I had had life within me. They continue to encourage me to seek God in every situation and lift me up in prayer every day. By being here at Seasons of Hope God spoke to me, He told me each disappointment, each hurt, the betrayal, the rejection, and everything else that I had gone through in my past was a part of his plan. Here are a just a few awesome things that God has brought me through. My sobriety of three years, being reunited with my daughter and my beautiful grandchildren, people in my life trust in me, and being able to drive when I thought it would never be possible. God has shown up and showed out so much in my life and continues to bless me every day. God has truly allowed me to go through each of these things only to let me see him through it all. In the darkest of darks, heaviest of heavy, my God was there to carry me through it. He has given me peace when I had no reason to have any, love when I didn’t feel loved, and people to stand by my side when I felt I would be alone forever . He came in and filled the deepest darkest part of my pain with love. He put the right people just where He needed them to be, to speak his truth over me. They were there to wrap their arms around me and keep me focused on him and his calling on my life.”
Graduate Testimony